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Tweeting your Hints and Tips – Tips via Twitter

Do you have hints and tips about your JIRA bug tracker to share with the world? Even more, would you like to see your tips appear on a page in the Atlassian documentation? Just tweet with the hash tag "#JIRATips" and see your hint appear in our documentation. Then grab a badge for your blog! More...

Blogging your Technical Tips and Guides – Tips of the Trade

Have you written a blog post describing a specific configuration of JIRA or a neat trick that you have discovered? Let us know, and we will link to your blog from our documentation. More....

Contributing Documentation in Other Languages

Have you written a guide to JIRA in a language other than English, or translated one of our guides? Let us know, and we will link to your guide from our documentation. More....

Updating the Documentation Itself

Have you found a mistake in the documentation, or do you have a small addition that would be so easy to add yourself rather than asking us to do it? You can update the documentation page directly.

Getting Permission to Update the Documentation

Please submit the Atlassian Contributor License Agreement.

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