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在 Confluence 中的每一个空间都会有自己的权限,这个权限可以被空间的管理员进行调整,也可以被空间管理员取消。当用户创建一个空间的时候,例如用户创建一个你的个人空间,创建控件的这个用户将会被自动赋予这个空间的管理员权限。这个用户如果有 空间管理员(Space Admin)权限的话,这个用户可以将其他用户或者用户组添加修改为这个空间的管理员。

如何找到谁是一个空间的空间管理员呢?在 Confluence 安装实例的顶部选择 空间(Spaces) > 空间目录(Space directory) ,然后选择要查看 空间的细节(Space Details)的  的图标。 

If you're one of those lucky space admins, you can assign permissions for the space to individual users, groups, or anonymous users. To change permissions for a space, choose Space tools > Permissions from the bottom of the sidebar, then choose Edit Permissions to change permission settings.

If your space is using the Documentation theme, choose Browse > Space Admin > Permissions.




(info) Space admins can also manage watchers for that space by choosing Watch at the top-right of any page in the space.



The following permissions can be assigned for each space:

PermissionThe user or group can:
ViewView the space's content, including the space's details, its pages, and blog posts.
PagesAddCreate and edit pages in the space.
RestrictApply page-level restrictions.
DeleteDelete pages in the space.
BlogAddAdd and edit blog posts in the space.
DeleteDelete blog posts in the space.
CommentsAddMake comments in the space.
DeleteDelete comments from the space.
AttachmentsAddAdd attachments to pages in the space.
DeleteDelete attachments from pages in the space.
MailDeleteDelete individual mail items.
SpaceExportExport content from the space via the space-level export screens. Note that this permission doesn't affect the exporting of a single page's content. Anyone who has permission to view the page also has permission to export its content.
AdminAdminister this space, including granting permissions to other users. This permission can't be granted to anonymous users (users who aren't logged in).


(info) Confluence administrators aren't necessarily space administrators.

  • A user who has the 'Confluence Administrator' global permission isn't automatically a space admin for a particular space. In order for them to be a space admin, they must belong to a group which has space admin and view permission for the space, or their username must be specifically granted space admin and view permission for the space.
  • If you deny all admin access to a space by mistake, so that nobody has access to administer the space any more, you'll need to ask someone with Confluence Administrator global permission to restore the permissions for you.
  • A user who has the 'System Administrator' global permission does automatically have space admin permissions for all spaces.
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