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Application Links (sometimes called "AppLinks") is a bundled plugin that allows you to link Atlassian applications to each other. Linking two applications allows you to share information and access one application's functions and resources from within the other.

Atlassian recommends only using OAuth authentication for application links, because of the greater security inherent with that protocol. We no longer recommend the Trusted Applications and Basic authentication types.应用链接(Application Links)有时候也被称为 "AppLinks" 是一系列测插件能够允许你在 Atlassian  的应用中互相链接。链接 2 个应用能够允许你在应用之间分析信息和功能。

Atlassian 推荐仅为应用使用 OAuth  链接,因为这个是一个非常好的安全协议。我们不推荐使用信任应用(Trusted Applications)和基本的授权类型。