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Setting the Security Level on an issue restricts the access of that issue to only people who are a member of the chosen Security Level. If you are not a member of that Security Level then you cannot access that issue and it will not appear in any filters, queries or statistics.

The Security Level of an issue can be set either when the issue is being created or afterwards when the issue is being edited.

To be able to set the Security Level for an issue, your administator must add you to the appropriate Issue Security Level, and also grant you the 'Set Issue Security' permission for the appropriate project(s).

Setting Security on an Issue

  1. Create/edit the relevant issue.
  2. In the Security Level dropdown field, select the desired security level for the issue.
    (info) You can only see the Security Levels you belong to.
  3. Save the issue. It is now only accessible to members of the specified Security Level.


  • A person can only set an issue to a Security Level of which they are a member. This prevents the issue from being set to a Security Level of which nobody is a member and effectively becoming 'lost'.
  • If the person does not have the Set Issue Security permission then the default Security Level is used. This may mean that the issue created is not visible to the person that created it. (Issue Level Security should be configured by your administrator such that this does not happen.)