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About Dashboards and Gadgets

The JIRA Dashboards is the first screen you see when you log in to JIRA. It can be configured to display many different types of information, depending on your areas of interest.

If you are anywhere else in JIRA, you can access your JIRA Dashboards view by clicking Dashboards at the top of your screen.

The information boxes on the dashboard are called Gadgets:


You can easily customize your dashboard by choosing a different layout, adding more gadgets, dragging the gadgets into different positions, and changing the look of individual gadgets.

You can also create more pages for your dashboard, share your pages with other people and choose your favorites pages, as described in Managing Multiple Dashboard Pages. Each page can be configured independently, as per the instructions below.

Available Gadgets



Activity Stream Gadget

The Activity Stream gadget displays a summary of your recent activity.

Administration Gadget

The Administration (Guide for JIRA Administrators) gadget displays checklist of common administration tasks and links to administrative functions and documentation.

Assigned To Me Gadget

The Assigned To Me gadget displays all open issues in all projects assigned to the current user viewing the dashboard.

Average Age Gadget

The Average Age gadget displays a bar chart showing the average number of days that issues have been unresolved.

Bamboo Charts Gadget *

The Bamboo Charts gadget displays various charts and plan statistics from a particular Bamboo server.

Bamboo Plan Summary Chart Gadget *

The Bamboo Plan Summary gadget displays a graphical summary of a build plan.

Bamboo Plans Gadget *

The Bamboo Plans gadget displays a list of all plans on a Bamboo server, and each plan's current status.

Bugzilla ID Search Gadget

The Bugzilla ID Search gadget allows the user to search all JIRA issues for references to Bugzilla IDs.

Calendar Gadget *

The Issue Calendar gadget shows issues and versions in a calendar format based on their due date. Calendars can be based on an issue filter or on a project.

Clover Coverage Gadget *

The Clover Coverage gadget displays the Clover coverage of plans from a particular Bamboo server.

Created vs Resolved Gadget

The Created vs Resolved gadget displays a difference chart showing the issues created vs resolved over a given period.

Crucible Charts Gadget *

The Crucible Charts gadget displays various charts showing statistical summaries of code reviews.

Favorite Filters Gadget

The Favorite Filters gadget displays a list of all the issue filters that have currently been added by you as a favorite filter.

Filter Results Gadget

The Filter Results gadget displays the results of a specified issue filter.

FishEye Charts Gadget *

The FishEye Charts gadget displays two charts showing showing statistics about a given sourcecode repository.

FishEye Recent Changesets Gadget *

The FishEye Recent Changesets gadget displays a number of recent changesets from a FishEye repository.

In Progress Gadget

The In Progress gadget displays all issues that are currently in progress and assigned to the current user viewing the dashboard.

Introduction Gadget

The Introduction gadget displays a configurable introduction message on the dashboard.

Issue Statistics Gadget

The Issue Statistics gadget displays the collection of issues returned from a specified filter, broken down by a specified field.

Pie Chart Gadget

The Pie Chart gadget displays issues from a project or issue filter, grouped by a statistic type, in pie-chart format. The issues can be grouped by any statistic type (e.g. Status, Priority, Assignee, etc).

Projects Gadget

The Projects gadget provides information and various filters related to a specified project(s).

Quick Links Gadget

The Quick Links gadget displays a number of useful links to issues associated with the current user.

Recently Created Issues Gadget

The Recently Created Issues gadget displays a bar chart showing the rate at which issues are being created, as well as how many of those created issues are resolved.

Resolution Time Gadget

The Resolution Time gadget displays a bar chart showing the average resolution time (in days) of resolved issues.

Road Map Gadget

The Road Map gadget shows versions which are due for release within a specified period of time, and a summary of progress made towards completing the issues in those versions.

Text Gadget *

The Text gadget displays a configurable HTML text on the dashboard.

Time Since Issues Gadget

The Time Since Issues gadget displays a bar chart showing the number of issues that something has happened to within a given time period. The 'something has happened' is based on a date field that you choose, such as 'Created', 'Updated', 'Due', 'Resolved' or a custom field.

Two Dimensional Filter Statistics Gadget

The Two Dimensional Filter Statistics gadget displays statistical data based on a specified filter in a configurable table format.

Voted Gadget

The Voted Issues gadget shows issues for which you have voted.

Watched Gadget

The Watched Issues gadget shows issues which you are watching.

(info) See the big list of all Atlassian gadgets for more ideas.

* This gadget will only be available if it has been installed by your JIRA administrator.

The Firebug add-on for Firefox can significantly degrade the performance of web pages. If JIRA is running too slowly (the JIRA dashboard, in particular) then we recommend that you disable Firebug. Read this FAQ for instructions.

Creating a Dashboard

The dashboard that you see when you first start using JIRA is a "default" dashboard that has been configured by your JIRA administrator. You cannot edit the default dashboard; but you can easily create your own dashboard, which you can then customize as you wish.

To create your own dashboard:

  1. At the top right of the Dashboard, click the 'Tools' menu.
  2. Select either 'Create Dashboard' to create a blank dashboard, or 'Copy Dashboard' to create a copy of the dashboard you are currently viewing.

You can now customize your dashboard as follows:

If you are using multiple dashboard pages, you can only configure dashboard pages that you own.

Choosing a Dashboard Layout

To choose a different layout for your dashboard page (e.g. three columns instead of two):

  1. At the top right of the Dashboard, click the 'Edit Layout' link. A selection of layouts will be displayed:
  2. Click your preferred layout.

Adding a Gadget

  1. At the top right of the Dashboard, click the 'Add Gadget' link.
  2. A selection of gadgets will be displayed:

    (tick) Select a category on the left to restrict the list of gadgets on the right to that category.
  3. Click the 'Add it now' button beneath your chosen gadget.
  4. Click the 'Finished' button to return to your Dashboard.
  5. If the gadget you have selected requires configuration, you will be presented with the gadget's configuration page. Configure appropriately and click 'Save'.

Moving a Gadget

To move a gadget to a different position on your dashboard:

  • Click the gadget and drag it into its new position.

Removing a Gadget

To remove a gadget from your dashboard:

  1. Hold your mouse over the top right corner of the gadget, until a down-arrow appears.
  2. Click the down-arrow to display the following menu:
  3. Click 'Delete'.

Displaying a Dashboard as a Wallboard

The big list of Atlassian gadgets