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To enable JIRA to create comments and issues from email, you need to first configure JIRA to receive email from a POP or IMAP mail server as described below.

Add or edit a POP or IMAP mail server

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
  2. Choose > System. Select Mail > Incoming Mail to open the Incoming Mail page.
    (tick) Keyboard shortcut: g + g + start typing incoming mail
  3. Click either the Configure new POP / IMAP mail server button to define a new POP / IMAP mail server, or the Edit link at the right of an existing POP / IMAP mail server configuration, which will open the Add/Update POP / IMAP Mail Server page.
  4. Complete the fields on this page as follows:


    Specify a short, arbitrary name to identify your POP or IMAP mail server configuration. You could possibly just specify the email address of the POP / IMAP mail server.


    (Optional) Specify an arbitrary description that describes the POP or IMAP mail server configuration and/or what it is used for. For example, 'Email Issue Creation/Comments for <Project>'. This description appears below the Name of the POP / IMAP mail server on the POP / IMAP Mail Servers configuration page.

    Service Provider
    (not available when updating an existing POP / IMAP mail server)

    Choose between using your own POP / IMAP mail server (i.e. Custom), Gmail POP / IMAP (i.e. Google Apps Mail / Gmail [POP3 / IMAP]) or Yahoo! POP (i.e. Yahoo! MailPlus) as the service provider for your POP / IMAP mail server.
    (info) If you choose any of the Gmail or Yahoo! options and then switch back to Custom, some of the key fields in this section will automatically be populated with the relevant POP / IMAP mail server settings for these service providers.


    Choose between whether your POP / IMAP mail server is a standard (i.e. POP or IMAP) or a secure (i.e. SECURE_POP or SECURE_IMAP) one.

    (warning) JIRA Cloud does not support self-signed certificate.

    Host Name

    Specify the hostname or IP address of your POP / IMAP mail server. Eg. or

    POP / IMAP port

    (Optional) The port to use to retrieve mail from your POP / IMAP account. Leave blank for default.
    Defaults are: POP: 110; SECURE_POP: 995; IMAP: 143; SECURE_IMAP: 993.


    (Optional) Specify the timeout period in milliseconds, which is treated as 10000 if this field is left blank. Specifying 0 or a negative value here will result in JIRA waiting indefinitely for the POP / IMAP server to respond.


    The username used to authenticate your POP / IMAP account.


    The password for your POP / IMAP account.
    (info) When editing an existing POP / IMAP mail server, select the Change Password check box to access and change this field.

  5. (Optional) Click the Test Connection button to check that JIRA can communicate with the POP / IMAP mail server you just configured.
  6. Click the Add (or Update) button to save the POP / IMAP mail server configuration.

Screenshot: Add/Update POP / IMAP Mail Server