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The Crucible Charts gadget displays various charts showing statistical summaries of your code reviews.

What does it look like?

The Crucible Charts gadget should appear as follows on the dashboard:

 Review Age (days)
Day+2 - 6
Week+7 - 29

Your JIRA administrator must have configured the FishEye plugin on your JIRA server (), if you want to add the Crucible Charts gadget to your dashboard.

Adding the 'Crucible Charts' gadget to your Dashboard

  1. Go to your JIRA dashboard and click 'Add Gadget'.
  2. The 'Gadget Directory' will appear. Locate the 'Crucible Charts' gadget and click the 'Add it Now' button. Then click the 'Finished' button at the bottom of the Gadget Directory.
  3. The 'Crucible Charts' gadget will appear on your dashboard as follows, ready for you to configure:

    1. 'Crucible URL'  — type the URL of your Crucible server.
    2. 'Crucible Project Key'  — type the project key of the Crucible project in which you are interested.
    3. 'Chart Type'  — select from the following:
      • 'Open Review Age' — the age of open reviews, broken down by status.
      • 'Defect Classification' — the number of defects raised, broken down by classification.
      • 'Open Review Volume' — the volume of open reviews over the specified time period.
      • 'Comment Volume' — the volume of comments authored over the specified time period.
      • 'Defect Rank' — the number of defects raised, broken down by rank.
    4. 'Number of Days'  — type the number of days' worth of data (backwards from today) that you want the gadget to display.
    5. 'Refresh Interval'  — select how often you want the gadget to update the displayed activity (never / every 15 minutes / every 30 minutes / every hour / every two hours).
  4. Click the 'Save' button.

To move the gadget to a different position on the dashboard, simply drag-and-drop. You can also change the look and behavior of the gadget.