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The JIRA Issues Calendar gadget shows issues and versions in a calendar format based on their due date. Calendars can be based on an issue filter or on a project.

Please note the JIRA Calendar plugin is required for this Gadget to be available.

What does it look like?

The JIRA Issues Calendar gadget should appear as follows on the dashboard:

Adding the 'Calendar' gadget to your Dashboard

  1. Go to your JIRA dashboard and click Add Gadget.
  2. The Gadget Directory will appear. Locate the JIRA Issues Calendar gadget and click Add it Now. Then click Finished.
  3. The JIRA Issues Calendar gadget will appear on your dashboard as follows, ready for you to configure:

    1. Project or Filter — click the 'Select' link to choose the project or filter on whose issues the calendar will be based.
    2. Date to Display — select the date field (e.g. Due Date; Created Date; Updated Date) on which the calendar will be based.
    3. Display Project Versions — select whether the calendar will display the Release Date of each Project Version.
    4. Number of Issues  — select the maximum number of issues to be displayed on the calendar for any one day.
    5. Refresh Interval – select how often you would like this calendar to be updated.
  4. Click Save.

To move the gadget to a different position on the dashboard, simply drag-and-drop. You can also change the look and behavior of the gadget.