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A user avatar is used as the icon for your profile to illustrate your comments on an issue and your Hover Profile.

Choosing a User Avatar

You can choose your user avatar from the ones pre-packaged with JIRA or upload your own. If the JIRA instance is configured to allow Gravatars then you will also be able to choose your Gravatar from the list of available avatars.

To choose your user avatar:

  1. Choose your user name at top right of the screen, then choose Profile.
  2. In the Details section, click the Avatar icon to open the Select a User Avatar dialog box.
    (info) If you have already added a user avatar to your JIRA profile, that (current) avatar will appear instead of the icon above. Clicking your current avatar allows you to change it.

    JIRA comes pre-packaged with its own set of user avatars, which appear in the first few rows of this dialog box.
  3. From this point, you can choose one of JIRA's pre-packaged user avatars, upload your own custom avatar or choose a user avatar which you have previously uploaded:
    • To choose one of JIRA's pre-packaged user avatars or one which you have previously uploaded:
      • Click the user avatar on this dialog box. Your JIRA user account will use this avatar immediately.
        (info) User avatars which you have previously uploaded to JIRA will appear after JIRA's pre-packaged user avatars on this dialog box.
    • To upload a new or custom user avatar:
      1. Click the Browse button and in the resulting dialog box, browse for and choose an image file.
      2. Click and drag the centre of the superimposed square, whose content will eventually be cropped to become your new user avatar.
        (info) If desired, drag the corners of the square to re-size the area of the superimposed square. (You may need to re-centre the square again.)
      3. Click the Confirm button to create your new custom user avatar. Your JIRA user account will use this avatar immediately.
        (info)Please Note:
        • Your cropped image is re-sized to 48x48 pixels before it is saved in JIRA as your new custom user avatar.
        • A separate 16x16 pixel version of your custom user avatar will be generated for use in comments.
        • Custom user avatars can only be selected by the user who uploaded them.
    • To use a Gravatar:

      If Gravatar has been enabled, your Gravatar (i.e. the Gravatar associated with the email address in your user profile) will be shown along with the JIRA built-in avatars and any avatars that you have previously uploaded. To change your Gravatar, log in to and follow the instructions on that site.

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