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Before you start

Before installing Confluence, please check that you meet the minimum system requirements and Supported Platforms.

If you're planning to run Confluence in a virtualized environment see Running Confluence in a Virtualized Environment.

Choose your installation method

There are a number of ways to install Confluence. Choose the method that is best for your environment. 

Install method

Is this right for you?

Install a Confluence trial

This is the fastest way to get a Confluence site up and running. If you're evaluating Confluence, use this option or try Confluence Cloud free.

You don't need an external database to install a Confluence trial.

Install Confluence using an installer

This option uses an installer, and is the most straightforward way to get your production site up and running on a Windows or Linux server.

Install Confluence from a zip or archive file

This option requires you to manually install files and configure some system properties. It gives you the most control over the install process. Use this option if there isn't an installer for your operating system.

Run Confluence in a Docker container

This option gets Confluence Server up and running in no time using a pre-configured Docker image. Head to to find out more about Docker.

Atlassian supports running Confluence in a Docker container, but we cannot offer support for problems which are related to the environment itself.

Install Confluence in a cluster

Confluence Data Center is a clustered solution for large enterprises. It can be hosted on your own infrastructure or deployed to AWS or Azure for a private cloud solution.

Read the Confluence Data Center Technical Overview to find out if Confluence Data Center is right for your organization.

 we do not support installing Confluence as a production system on OS X.  An OS X download is available for the purposes of evaluating Confluence only.  There are no limitations to using Confluence on a mac with any one of the supported browsers.  

The EAR/WAR distribution is no longer available, you'll need to install Confluence from a zip or archive file if you previously deployed Confluence into an existing application server.

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