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This section introduces the concept of gadgets in Confluence and provides an outline on how to use gadgets in Confluence and other web applications.

Introduction to Gadgets in Confluence

A gadget is a small object (i.e. a piece of functionality) offering dynamic content that can be placed into the page of:

Gadgets allow interactions between Confluence and other compatible websites. Confluence interacts with gadgets that support the OpenSocial specification.

For more information about Atlassian gadgets, please refer to the introduction to Atlassian gadgets and the big list of Atlassian gadgets.

Using Gadgets in Confluence

You can place any gadget that complies with the OpenSocial specification from an external source, such as iGoogle or other Atlassian applications such as JIRA 4.0+, onto a Confluence page or blog post. To add a gadget to a page, use the Confluence macro browser to add a Gadget macro.

See the page on adding JIRA gadgets to a Confluence page.

Adding Confluence Gadgets in Other Applications

You can add a Confluence gadget to a JIRA dashboard or another Confluence site. In principle, you can also put a Confluence gadget on any other OpenSocial-compliant website such as iGoogle or Gmail. See the limitations on using Confluence gadgets in other applications.

Adding a Confluence Gadget to JIRA

See Adding a Confluence Gadget to a JIRA Dashboard.

Adding a Confluence Gadget to Non-Atlassian Web Applications

For instructions on how to add Confluence gadgets in another compatible non-Atlassian web application or container, refer to Configuring Confluence Gadgets for Use in Other Applications.

Confluence Gadgets

The Confluence Gadgets topic explains the purpose of the 'Confluence Gadgets' window and provides information about the gadgets which are bundled with Confluence.

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