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Your personal space is a place where you can publish your own pages and blog posts. Once you have set up your personal space, Confluence users can reach it by clicking your name in the People Directory. You can get to your personal space by clicking your name at the top of the page and choosing 'Personal Space'.

Creating your personal space

To set up your personal space, you need the 'Personal Space' permission which is assigned by a Confluence administrator. See Giving People Access to Content and Global Permissions Overview.

To create your personal space:

  1. Choose your profile picture at top right of the screen, then choose Add Personal Space.
  2. Indicate whether your space should be private or not. A private space will be visible only to you. If you do not make it private, the space will have the default space permissions. Note that you can change these settings again later. You will have space administrator permissions on your space.
  3. Choose Create.
  4. The home page of your new space will appear. Your home page will contain any default space content as defined by your Confluence administrator. You can change this content at any time.

Screenshot: Adding a personal space

Adding and changing content in your space

Now you can start adding pages to your personal space. You may also want to upload your photo.

Changing the look and feel of your space

Granting access to your space

When you created the space, you set the option to make your space private, or to allow other people to view and contribute content to your space. You can change the permissions on your space at any time.

Watching updates made in your space

By default, Confluence assigns you as a watcher of your space. This means that you will receive an email notification each time someone adds or updates content in your space. You can stop watching the space (see Watching Pages, Spaces and Blog Posts) and change your notification settings at any time.

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