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Confluence provides several ways in which you can watch for changes to single pages, entire spaces, and all spaces on the site. You can also follow the updates made by specific people. You can only track updates to content that you have permission to see.

Personal tasks appear in the task-and-notification dialog, and you can assign team tasks via a task list on a page.

Making yourself a watcher of pages or spaces

You can 'watch' a page, blog post or space that you have permission to view. Confluence will then send you an email notification whenever someone adds or updates content on, or adds a comment to, that page or space. See Watching Pages, Spaces and Blogs.

If you have space administrator permissions, you can manage watchers of pages and spaces.

Requesting other notifications

You can configure Confluence to send you various digest reports via email. See Subscribing to Email Notifications of Updates to Confluence Content.

Tracking updates by specific people

You can also follow the activity of people who interest you (see Network Overview) and receive a notification when someone follows you (see Subscribing to Email Notifications of Updates to Confluence Content).

Managing your notifications and tasks

There are a few ways to manage notifications and tasks in Confluence:

Using Confluence RSS feeds

You can build RSS feeds to monitor content changes in Confluence.

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